Crystal Triangle

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Type: Movies

Plot Summary: Koichiro Kamishiro is on a rather esoteric mission: he seeks the Message of God. The interesting thing is, he is very close to finding it. While this philanthropic archaeologist has only the most noble designs on putting the Message to use, the myriad message-seeking maniacs on his trail are not quite so benign. They will stop at nothing to acquire the Crystal Triangle he has discovered, which seems to be the crucial instrument in making the long-elusive Message at last available. After all, whoever possesses the Message of God, it is said, holds in his hands the fate of the world.

Genre: Adventure, Demons, Military, Mystery

Released: 1987

Status: Completed

Other name: Kindan no Mokushiroku: Crystal Triangle, 禁断の黙示録 クリスタルトライアングル

Crystal Triangle

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